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Masters of TESOL Papers Published

Thanks for joining me in documenting my research papers for my Masters in TESOL and Masters in Education. I took early retirement from my former career as a Regulatory Affairs Expert to try my hand at a new profession. I have done my time as an Adjunct Professor of Business teaching MBA subjects in China. Whilst that is lucrative it simply was not for me. English Teacher land whilst fun is low pay for lots of work with no salary packaging benefits like free housing etc. I am now a ‘real teacher’ at the internationally famous Peking University Experimental School a proper IB accredited school as a PYP Primary School Teacher where the pay and benefits are exceptional.

Because I’m asked: Salary Packages for China:

 The typical salary of an IB diploma program. Schools offer an attractive salary and benefits package. Salaries range from 170k to 500k ¥RMB per year after tax plus 3 meals, and additional ¥2,500 apartment allowance per month. Class sizes are limited to 25 students, and teachers have a maximum of 22 lessons weekly (although typically there will be around 20). Holidays are generous and full paid, including 4 weeks off for winter,7 weeks off for summer, as well as Chinese public holiday. Schools reimburse round-trip flight up to ¥15,000 per year. Comprehensive health insurance and Z-visa (work permit) sponsorship are provided. School provides shuttle bus and assistance with daily issues. In addition, the school offers ¥6,500 settling allowance for first-year teachers. So yes you basically can save most of your salary as there is nothing much to pay.
If you wish to know how I found my new China job, I can not praise this agent more highly: Teach In China

About mebty

1967 Born in Sydney Australia to Yugoslav immigrant parents who escaped from FYR (Former Yugoslav Republic). Educated via a mix of public, private, distance education and private tutors.

1977 Father became successful as a businessman in Australia and we relocated and travelled extensively in that country according to my fathers business requirements as a property developer over several states.

1987 A mix of to an fro between Europe and Australia as my family is from Europe and my brother and myself needed to stay in line with Europe education system in order to enter university system. Brother went to Uni in Cologne Germany to become an Engineer. I went to technical college and became a teacher and taught at asilo nido and as a Montessori teacher as we have a home in Bologna Emilia Romagna the same province as the little city of Regio Emilia.

1997 About this time I finally figured out what I wanted to do and went back to law school in Perugia Umbria. I met a handsome Israeli/Italian and married. He conducted business with the Italian/Israeli chamber of commerce. I found I hated commercial law and went into education quality regulation. We both ended up working in various places with Perugia as our home city base. I still keep my home there and my mother comes from Bologna every year to there for the summer in the cool mountains as the city is unbearable to live in, in the summer.

2007 The GFC hit the world including Italy and my marriage ended. Thanks to my Australian passport I was able to find a job with an Australian company with bases and branches in Italy and other places in Europe, Turkey and South America.

2018 By this stage I had gone from Education quality regulation to Allied health regulation. I was the Director of Accreditation for the Australian Pharmacy Council. Sometimes I would have to go to Canberra Australia. A small boring place that is the capital of Australia. As they expanded internationally I was able to take care of their international accreditation audits in Turkey and South America. The last audit was with the University of Hong Kong by which stage I was over this career.

btySomewhere in the last 5 years I career changed from A Director of Regulation and Accreditation to being a teacher. First as an adjunct professor in China at a small university. Then I changed to being an English teacher in Vietnam. Now I am an IB Kindergarten teacher in China. At 51 life continues to be a fun and interesting journey!

I speak English as a mother tongue with an Australia accent because until 18 years old we were mostly in that country. I speak Italian as for most of my life I have been living there. I speak ok Spanish as I was living and working in Santiago Chile. Now I am learning Chinese as I live in China now. My parents speak Yugoslav. My mother speaks Italian and Slovak Yugoslav and my father speaks more Croatian style Yugoslav, Russian, Bulgarian (his family was from Bulgaria, so really he is Bulgarian origin) and some Italian. At home, as a child I spoke Yugoslav until I started school by which time my language became English (and my Yugoslav terrible). I speak Italian/English with my mother and English only with my father.

My mother is from the part of Italy/FYR where they spoke both Slavic and Italian. It is now part of the administrative mess that is the Mestre region of Italy/Croatia. If you catch a ferry from Trieste you can go to that side quickly as a day trip. My father is from Bled which is now Slovenia. It is one of the most beautiful places on earth. So green. I remember so many happy summers as a child hunting in the woods with father for wild bear, pig, deer and picking mushrooms and other delicious things.

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